My A.O.M Experience

The Royal Treatment in Custom Makeup Preparation  

It’s always been very difficult for me to find makeup foundation that actually matches my skin tone. Consequently, I have spent many hours frustrating ladies at a few of G.A. mall’s makeup counters with disappointing results. Drug store and beauty store purchases too were also disappointing. What makes it more frustrating for me is the fact that I change shades throughout the year because I garden. Basically, I have a winter, spring and summer color that varies widely. As such, I rarely wear makeup. In addition, I have very, very sensitive skin and only wear makeup once a week.  Yesterday, I met two wonderful ladies from A.O.M. Cosmetics who were vending at the Innovations Creative Arts center’s Artist Market on Linden on 198-20 Linden Boulevard in Saint Albans, New York. The ladies specialize in making custom mineral foundation, lipstick, nail polish and more.  I told them from the start that it would be difficult based on my previous experiences and that I would not take it personally if they couldn’t match my tone and decided to give up. However, the owner, Nicole Martinez said that she enjoys a challenge and her partner Briana Edwards said the same.

I was seated in their chair, cloaked and their mirrored light turned on so I could see their work in natural light. Nicole began mixing batch after batch and Briana tested the mixture swab after swab after swab and the process repeated for quite some time. They asked me if I was in a hurry, I of course said no because unlike them, I knew what I was in for.  After several trials and 2+ hours later, Nicole and Briana made me the perfect shade mineral make up. The product smoothed out the texture of my very large pores and covered many sins so to speak and because it is mineral based, it absorbed the excess oils on my face. It floats on the skin and does not settle in the lines, which other makeup types always do on my face, which made me look old and tired. Their custom creation looks natural and feels like I am wearing nothing and the big plus; I don’t look old and tired. Instead, I have an airbrushed looked, which I like very much. The recipe for my custom foundation now resides in their records so that I can reorder online from their website and when necessary, I can have it tweaked as I change shades throughout the year.  For $28 I received a large container of mineral makeup that will last a long time, which means I can wear it more than once a week and it will not expire because it is minerals. Not to mention, the $10 I saved in shipping and handling costs because of my in-person purchase; whoohoo! Love to save. In addition, no more monies wasted on makeup and acne related products to counteract the negative effects of clogged pores from heavy foundations. Thank you ladies for your hard work, patience and dedication and most of all for giving me the first happy makeup purchase experience in over 10 years.

According to their website, Nicole and Briana are available for home visits for clients who reside in Queens, New York and they also lend themselves out to parties. You can learn more about these two ladies and their business at A.O.M. Cosmetics.

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